Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunset and large surf near Hermosa Terrace Park in La Jolla

All day Sunday, the high altitude cirrus clouds were making interesting patterns in the sky, from repeated scallop patterns to a partial rainbow halo around the sun. We decided to head south to La Jolla, past Windansea where there were large crowds gathered to watch the surfers take on the large waves. In a residential area south of Windansea, we found a small path that led down to some relatively private bluffs overlooking the water.

Epic surf and high tide combined to make this sunset special. I was perched on a bluff, about 5 feet above the roiling water. Every once in a while, a large set would come in and I would have to grab the camera and jump to higher ground. Many locals had gathered higher up on the bluff for the nightly ritual of watching the sunset. Some surfers were still off in the distance, catching waves far offshore. I definitely want to come back to this location at low tide and catch another sunset.

Here is a Google map of where we were at:

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