Saturday, July 9, 2016

New website and blog site

Thanks to everyone that has been following my adventures here! I've re-launched my website:
Under Pressure Photography

Please head here to see my new blog:
UPP Blog

I'm planning on continuing to share adventure stories, dive reports and nature photography.


Saturday, January 2, 2016

Top 10 of 2015

Below are my 10 favorites for 2015, in roughly chronological order. This past year, Carolita (CrtrGrl) and I did two awesome backpacking trips. One to the Northern California redwoods and the second to the High Sierra Nevada mountains, both cut short due to issues (gear issues and an injury). We also did a trip to beautiful Pennsylvania for the fall colors. Underwater, we got in 11 local dives. Unfortunately, I had a minor camera flood mid way through the year, so half the dives were sans DSLR. As a result, the bulk of my photos are more outdoor adventure photos and less underwater. This year, I finally created accounts on Instagram - undrpressrphoto on Instagram and Vine - undrpressrphoto on Vine, exploring the different options in social media. Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite!

1. Straining my neck while backpacking through the old growth forest shrouded in mist in Redwood National Park, CA.
Giants in the Mist
Giants in the Mist

2. Tepona Point at Luffenholtz Beach County Park, Trinidad, California.

After our short 3 day backpacking trek in Redwood National Park, we decided to take it easy and explore the area along the coast near Trinidad, CA. At Tepona Point, we were treated to an amazing cliff-side view of stacks being slammed by an angry sea. It wasn't raining yet, but you could tell it was coming.
Tepona Point at Luffenholtz Beach County Park
Tepona Point at Luffenholtz Beach County Park

3. Roosevelt elk near Humboldt Lagoons State Park, CA. The elk gather in the meadows in the afternoons.
Roosevelt elk
Roosevelt elk

4. Forest scene on Brown Creek Trail, Prairie Creed Redwoods State Park, CA. This one is a lush forest scene that really reminds me of hiking and backpacking there. I want to be there!
Forest scene on Brown Creek Trail
Forest scene on Brown Creek Trail

5. Tube dwelling anemone, Mission Bay, San Diego CA. The anemone is eating, by collecting small creatures in its tentacles and then sweeping them into its mouth. Tube dwelling anemone
Tube dwelling anemone

6. Tylodina fungina, Mission Bay, San Diego CA. Also known as a mushroom sidegill, these soft, external shelled sea slugs feed on yellow sponge, giving them their color. You can see the simple eye spots in this shot.
Tylodina fungina
Tylodina fungina

7. Mountain peak reflection, Sabrina Basin in the John Muir Wilderness, CA.

After passing Blue Lake, Carolita and I came upon a small pool of water that was protected from the wind. It provided the perfect reflecting pool for the nearby mountain peaks and clouds. It's these small, hidden gems that I love to photograph, more so than the standard photographer favorites.
Sabrina Basin reflectionSabrina Basin reflection

8. Sunset at the end of summer, Tamarack State Beach, Carlsbad, CA. Our local beach.
Tamarack State Beach sunsetTamarack State Beach sunset

9. Long exposure of the Tuscarora Falls, Ricketts Glen, PA.

I'm drawn to water. It's in my blood. When Carolita told me about Ricketts Glen and that there were over 20 waterfalls, I couldn't wait to go hiking and photograph there. Add fall colors and cloudy/rainy skies and I was in fantasy land.
Tuscarora FallsTuscarora Falls

10. View looking over the Sheldon Reynolds Falls, down Kitchen Creek, Ricketts Glen, PA.

Even though you can't see the falls in this photo, it's one of my favorites from Ricketts Glen. It shows the canopy of fall colors over Kitchen Creek and the carpet of fallen leaves that color the ground. If you look closely, you can see a person sitting on the banks of the river. Her boyfriend/husband was hiking barefoot and had climbed up to the base of the falls, just underneath me with a big grin on his face.
Looking over the Sheldon Reynolds FallsLooking over the Sheldon Reynolds Falls