Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunrise and surf at the Oceanside Pier

The day started off with a nice sunset. There weren't as many clouds in the sky as I had hoped, but enough to light up a little bit. There were only a couple of surfers there before dawn, so I was fortunate that they were surfing on the sunrise side of the pier. I think the waves were actually better on the other side, which the bait shop owner yelled to them, but they seemed content to surf where they were at.

The offshore santa ana winds combined with the large surf made for spectacular streams of spray coming off the waves.

This is a view looking south towards the Encino power plant in Carlsbad.

There was a friendly local California Brown pelican who guarded the bait shop on the Oceanside Pier. Some visitors to the pier tried to take their picture with the pelican, but he wasn't friendly enough for group shots and used his beak to snap at them when they got too close.

Later in the morning, there were many surfers out and even a few other photographers. For more wave and surf shots, go to the complete photo album at: