Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dive Report - 5/30/10 La Jolla Shores

Date: 5/30/10
Location: La Jolla Shores, CA
Time in: 6:53 AM
Time under: 70 minutes
Max depth: 62 ft
Min temp: 53 F, cold
Vis: 5-10 ft, mostly 5 w/ pea soup.
Waves: 1-3 ft w/ occasional 4 footer
Buddy: Mike Hallack

Highlights: Happy to be diving at all with this el nino. Saw stearns aoelids, lots of lion nudibranchs, a school of juvenile rockfish.

Weather topside is beautiful today and the waves weren't too bad. On our way out, I had to dive under one 4+ ft wave that was breaking right on us, but came out unscathed. It was pea soup green underwater, with vis less than 5 ft at the surface. At depth it got up to 10 ft in some spots. Mike and I had to use our lights to keep track of each other.

We saw the usual suspects, with lion nudibranchs crowding the remaining shreds of kelp. At Vallecitos Point, there was a knot of kelp all bunched together about 10 feet off the bottom. There was a group of lion nudibranchs and a school of juvenile rockfish all huddled inside. We surfaced in 5 feet of water with an uneventful exit.

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