Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dive Report - 5/16/10 La Jolla Shores

Date: 5/16/10
Location: La Jolla Shores
Time in: 7:59 am
Time under: 52 min
Max depth: 80 ft
Min temp: 53.6 F (Uwatec) - Spencer recorded 49 F
Vis: about 10 ft, less in the shallows, a tiny bit more at depth.
Waves: 1-3 ft, occasional bigger one. Easily timed.
Buddies: Spencer and Bill S.

Highlights: First dive in 7 weeks, first dive back at La Jolla Shores in 7 months.

It was really nice to get a dive in... finally. Waves were easy to get through and the vis was not spectacular, but with shooting macro, it didn't really matter. We dropped in a little north (Bill was 2ft off on his depth estimate at the drop in point, knowing that Spencer aims for 35 ft :) ) and stopped at the crap patch on the way south. We never quite made it to the Vallecitos Point, but that was fine with me. I had some buoyancy problems on the way in and up, since I was wearing an extra vest undergarment. Apparently, I need to add more than a couple of pounds. It was good to be shooting underwater again, since it's been forever.

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