Saturday, May 15, 2010

Last rays of the setting sun at Moss Point, Laguna Beach, CA

Almost a month ago was another weekend, high and dry with no diving. I needed to get my fix at the beach, so I headed up to Laguna Beach for a Saturday night sunset. I knew the tide was going to be high, so I wore my scuba booties in case I needed to wade back to the stairs. I managed to time the waves to get over to the reef on the far left side of the cove.

I decided to shoot looking perpendicular to the sun to get the warm setting sunlight on the sandstone cliffs, combined with the texture of the sandstone reef I was perched on. This also meant I was getting splashed from behind from the incoming large waves and had to keep one eye behind me in case a really big one came in.

Moss Pt Cove, Laguna Beach CA:

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