Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dive report - 6/5/10 La Jolla Shores

Date: 6/5/10
Location: La Jolla Shores
Time in: 8:05 am
Time under: 64 min
Max depth: 67 ft
Min temp: 53 F (Uwatec)
Vis: 10 ft
Waves: 2-3 ft w/ occasional 4-5 footer
Buddy: Rob Johnson

More photos:

Highlights: Getting through the waves without getting pummeled. Going diving!

Waves were 2-3 ft with an occasional 4-5 ft. Visible thermocline at 60 ft, with pea soup above and 10 ft vis below. A bit of surge at 60 ft and a south current, yet somehow we ended up exiting north of where we entered. Definite potholes on the way in.