Monday, March 8, 2010

Desert landscapes

Sunrise breaks through the clouds:

I took an overnight trip to the Anza Borrego desert this past Friday to check out the spring wildflower bloom. It had been way too long since I'd camped out and I really enjoyed getting back to nature. It sure opens up a lot of possibilities as far as cheap mini vacations to good photo spots.

Sunrise and wave clouds:

The weather on Friday was nice and warm, with high clouds. On Saturday, it started out overcast and the sun took longer to break out, but the clouds were spectacular after that. Conditions were good all around and the rain waited until after we'd left. The flowers are just getting started and should improve with all the rain. The blooms were sparse and we had to explore a lot of different areas just to decide where to shoot the sunrise. We went off-roading into the badlands area just east of the airport and into Coyote Canyon. It's unfortunate that sahara mustard weed is taking over the area. There were whole fields that usually bloom that were covered in the weeds. The weeds grow faster than the flowers and smother them. In the area where I shot the top photo, a nice lady was weeding the flower patches.

Mountains near the park visitor's center:

This was my first attempt at some landscape photography that didn't involve the ocean or water. Let me know what you think! Next up will be some of the closeup flower photos that I took.

A few more landscape photos are up at:

The top two photos were taken at a small patch of flowers along Henderson Canyon Road:

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