Thursday, February 11, 2010

Caught in the storm - Animals at La Jolla Shores

California is experiencing more storms and rain this year than we have in some of the previous years combined due to an 'El Nino' condition in the Pacific Ocean. The jet stream is dipping south and delivering strong winter storms that usually stay farther north in Oregon and Washington. These constant (for us) storms have come with strong winds and even a few tornadoes.

This has taken a toll on the wildlife that survives along the coastline. While visiting La Jolla Cove this past Saturday (in between storms), there were at least 6 dead pelicans scattered around a bluff where they usually congregate.

Even the California sea lions were massed on a small rock all trying to rest. Every once in a while, another one or two would swim up and attempt to jump up onto the rock during a swell, often falling back into the water.

More wildlife: