Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dive Report - Pt Loma Birthday Dives 9/23/11

Spencer photographing the reef near Train Wheels in Pt Loma.Spencer photographing the reef near Train Wheels in Pt Loma

Date: 9/23/11
Location: Train Wheels, Pt Loma
Time in: 9:18 am
Time under: 44 min
Max depth: 90 ft
Avg temp: 54 F
Vis: 15+
Swells/surge: Calm swells, some surge
Buddies: Spencer, Marla, Kim, Mike H

Location: Lazy Days Wreck, Pt Loma
Time in: 11:17 am
Time under: 50 min
Max depth: 79 ft
Avg temp: 54 F
Vis: 5-10 ft
Swells/surge: None/none
Buddies: Mike H, Marla, Kim, Spencer


Mike H in the gloom off Pt Loma.
Mike H in the gloom off Pt Loma

Highlights: Fun day out on the water on the Humboldt. We were spoiled by Anita and Ryan and I had the pleasure of finally meeting Bethy. It was Kim's, Mike's and Marla's birthday and we gorged on cake, fruit, beer (root and otherwise). For the second dive, when I got in the water, I noticed a cold feeling around my waist and quickly realized water was coming into my drysuit. I quickly got my fins off and climbed back onto the boat, but the damage was already done. Apparently, my drysuit zipper was just about 1 inch away from actually being zipped shut. Oops. I completed the second dive, but was pretty cold, so I decided to sit out the third dive soggy and take photos of my dive buddies instead.


Birthday cake!Birthday cake!