Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tribute to 'NOAA Jim' Kinane

NOAA Jim Kinane and Barbara Lloyd diving Pt Loma on Thanksgiving Day, 2009.

I met Jim Kinane in 2008, when I went out diving on the Scuba Do. Jim was always there, ready to assist. He was always ready to give advice when asked and was always concerned with the safety of other divers. He would rarely ask for any help himself. He always kept us entertained above water with stories about technical dives he'd done in the past or stories about work. Jim was my favorite diver photo subject.

Jim Kinane cleaning Donathan's plaque on the HMCS Yukon.

This past weekend (6/25/11), Jim joined Mikey, Barbara, Marla, my parents and me for a dive trip to the Pt Loma kelp beds on my parent's boat. Jim had a great day with us out on the water.

Jim Kinane scooters over the HMCS Yukon.  This is my other favorite photo of Jim.  I got a large print of this and it's been hanging on my wall for about 3 weeks now.

He passed away on Saturday, 7/2/11 due to health issues while on the surface, above the HMCS Yukon. He will be missed immensely by a great many people. This photo album is my tribute to him.

Jim getting suited up, off Pt Loma.