Sunday, February 6, 2011

Common Dolphins off Pt Loma - 2/5/11

On Saturday, we went straight west from Pt Loma in search of migrating gray whales. We didn't manage to find any (neither did anyone else, apparently), but we did find a large pod of common dolphins.

More photos:

Pod of common dolphins off of Pt Loma

We met up with a small group that was heading towards the larger pod and slowed down to let them swim with us. After we met up with the larger pod, various groups would swim with the boat and then swim off.

Common dolphin off of Pt Loma

The boat was surrounded for probably a half mile in any direction by dolphins, leaping out of the water.

Pod of common dolphins stretching in every direction, leaping all around us.

After turning around and speeding back up, we had some that followed the boat, surfing and leaping out of the wake.

Common dolphin surfing the boat wake off of Pt Loma

Short video of the dolphins playing at the bow of the boat: