Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dive Report - LJS 1/23/2011

Date: 1/23/2011
Location: LJS
Time in: 7:50 am
Time under: 62 min
Max depth: 70 ft
Ave temp: 54 F
Vis: ~10 ft, less in the shallows
Waves: 2-3 ft, not a big deal from the Lifeguard tower to Vallecitos. However, a bit of surge and a strong south current in the shallows.
Buddies: Marla & Spencer

Aeolidia papillosa
Aeolidia papillosa

More photos:

Highlights: Spencer found a large Aeolidia papillosa in the sand. I found a Panamic Arrow Crab on the south side of Vallecitos Pt, which I've only ever seen in Cabo San Lucas. We also found a couple of large Diomedes Tritonia.

Panamic Arrow Crab (Stenorhynchus debilis)
Panamic Arrow Crab (Stenorhynchus debilis)

Despite the large surf advisory, we showed up to La Jolla Shores at 7 am to check it out. The surf was large to the north of the lifeguard tower and we could see it breaking in the cove, but it was pretty small in between. Kicking out, there was a strong southerly current in the shallows. We entered the water near the lifeguard tower and by the time we got out of the current, we were lined up with Vallecitos. We dropped down and headed north, hoping to reach the crap patch. Instead, we made it to Vallecitos Pt and a little further. The water was pretty silty, though doing macro photography, we didn't mind. On the swim back in, we encountered the current and a possible outgoing rip starting about 15 feet deep. We kicked hard and made it in just a little south of the lifeguard tower.

Diomedes Tritonia (Tritonia diomedea)
Diomedes Tritonia (Tritonia diomedea)

Overall, a really nice dive, considering the dire predictions. It was good that we left plenty of air for the kick in however...