Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sunset at Windansea, La Jolla CA

Sunset at Windansea, La Jolla, CA.
Sunset at Windansea, La Jolla, CA

It's been months since I've gone to shoot the sunset. With the brief storm that we had pass through this morning, the air was crisp and clear and there were large, puffy white clouds. Unfortunately, all the clouds were to the east over the mountains and there were very few clouds over the ocean when the sun went down. I was also working against a high tide, which reduces the amount of reef that is visible. Because of both of these factors, I decided to head to Windansea in La Jolla. I knew there would be sandstone bluffs and exposed reefs, even near high tide.

When I arrived, I was happy to see bright green moss on the exposed sandstone. Visibility was awesome and you could see for miles up and down the coast. The tide was receding and I had to step carefully, the damp bluff was slippery. Nearby, another photographer was shooting a model in a bikini on the beach. Must stay focused! As the sun was setting, I captured this shot of the moss covered sandstone, pock marked from erosion and covered in green moss, kissed by the last rays of the sun. I would have preferred a few more red clouds, but we work with what nature provides.

Windansea, La Jolla CA

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