Monday, July 12, 2010

Dive Report - Woods Cove, Laguna Beach 7/11/10

California Moray Eel (Gymnothorax mordax)

Date: 7/11/10
Location: Woods Cove, Laguna Beach CA
Time in: 7:40 am
Time under: 83 min
Max depth: 26 ft
Min temp: 65 F :)
Vis: 10-15 ft, lots of surge and particulate
Waves: 1-2 w/ occasional 3+ set
Buddy: Graham and Brad


Highlights: A California moray eel. This was my first diving wet since Bali and it was a lot of fun cruising the reefs in Laguna Beach.

I joined my OC scuba buddies for a dive at our old stomping grounds - Woods Cove in Laguna Beach. Weather was overcast and conditions were mixed. There were occasional 3-4 footers, but they were long periods of calm in between. Underwater it was surgey, but clear considering. You could see the surface from 20 feet under water, though horizontal vis was about 10-15 ft. I was hoping to photograph a moray and Graham delivered near the end of the dive. I also found a red gorgonian that was covered in skeleton shrimp. Click to see the larger version:

Skeleton Shrimp (Caprella sp.) party on Red gorgonian (Lophogorgia chilensis)

I was plagued with camera issues throughout the dive and is something I need to resolve before diving again. With the Ikelite TTL housing and strobes, if the primary strobe isn't working the camera won't fire. However, even after turning off both strobes, for periods of time the camera wouldn't fire. I tried turning on each strobe individually and no luck. Just about when I would give up, suddenly they were working again. This happened about 3 times during the dive.

Woods Cove, Laguna Beach:

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